Nilly is the one maintaining the server with his own pocket money, along with some donations from generous players.

According to Nilly a total of $200 to host the game server and the official forum page a month.

Nilly is a young programmer living in the Bay Area. He discovered his coding talent during high school, when he started making hacks for the real RotMG.
His hacks were among the best, and garnered a lot of praise from the community where he published them, MPGH.
It was also in this community that he first met a group of enthusiasts who where working hard to create the original private server, Phoenix Realms. Nilly's interest was piqued.

Later on, Phoenix Realms and its successor, Phoenix Realms 2, fell apart due to a lack of unity among its developers.
Meanwhile, after graduating from Stanford, nilly was looking for something to fill the void in his heart.
He used the source code from the Phoenix Realms project as the foundation for Nilly's realm, which has come a long way since then to become what we now enjoy.

During his time on MPGH, nilly was thought to be female. However, later on, he identified himself as male. Nonetheless, "his" true gender remain a mystery.
Some said the nilly is a computer program built by the government that gained self-awareness and went rogue. That might well be the truth, as the original RotMG server was hosted by Kabam on Google's Bay Area data center,
which happened to be where US Military NatMind Project was secretly hosted, explaining why nilly is so into RotMG.

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