The Nexus is the game's central hub. From the Nexus, a player can access many other elements of the game, usually by entering a portal.

The Nexus is a safe zone. Except in very rare cases during staff-run events, it is impossible to die in the Nexus. However, it IS possible to "get rekt" by the Nexus Crier (see below) by including certain swear words in a sent message with any form of chat (including /tell). Swearing will also give you a 1 minute mute.

In the nexus, there are many items up for sale for fame, along with portals that are also accessible by commands.

Nexus Shop

To the north of the Nexus, there is a shop with some equipment, but the prices are fixed.


(note that most of the dungeons from Realm of the Mad God are in Nilly's Realm, so some that are available in Realm of the Mad God may not be seen here)

To the East of the nexus spawn point, there are the Arenas.

There is the Oryx Arena, which is only accessible by using an Oryx Arena key while standing on top of it (although it has been removed and replaced with a brown grave). The Arena, which opens periodically by timer. And the Solo Arena, which is accessible anytime, but can only be done alone.
Under the Arenas, there are purchasable Fame items, that allow a direct exchange of fame between players.
Even further below the purchasable fame, there is the Daily Quest portal, which serves no point at this time.

To the West of the nexus spawn point, there is the Guild Hall Portal and the Guild Renounce Table.
Under the Guild area lies The Cloth Bazaar, The Marketplace, and The Pet Yard. The Pet Yard serves no use at this time.
Even further below those portals, there is the Mystery Box Shop, which also doesn't have a usage at this time due to Realm Gold being unobtainable.


To the South of the spawn point, lies the Realm portal, which takes you to the Realm.
Under the Realm Portal are items that can be bought with fame, but at a fixed price as seen:

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