The Marketplace is a special map designed for the trade of items. It is exclusive to Nilly's Realm.

The Marketplace is accessible through its own server by going to the servers menu and clicking on the Marketplace server.

Within the Marketplace, players may choose and item from their inventory and place it on the market for any amount of fame. Any item, except for items listed as "Soulbound," can be placed on the market. Other players browse the market and purchase the items placed there. Item prices on the market are determined by players, NOT by staff or the game source itself. There is no limit on how many items a player may market. However, the marketplace will only show the cheapest current price for a given item. Not every item can be displayed at the same time. Items cycle through the Marketplace at a slow pace, so keep an eye on the section that contains a wanted item, and it may show up eventually, as long as someone is selling it.

Certain items are also for sale in the Nexus, such as tiered equipment and keys. Check there before over-paying for an item on the Market!

How to market items

To market items, players may either
1. Talk to the Market NPC (shown here)
2. Use the Market commands listed below


These commands are available while in the Marketplace map ONLY. The sole exception to this is the /mymarket command.

  • /market [Inventory slot 1-16] [Amount of fame requested for the sale] posts items to the market
    • for example, /market 1 500
    • 1-8 slots are for the main inventory, while 9-16 slots are for the backpack items.
  • /marketall [Item Name] [amount of fame requested for the sale] posts set of identical items from the inventory to the market.
    • for example, /marketall Potion of Defense 40
  • /oops removes the last item posted into the market, but only works for the most recent item posted
  • /mymarket lists item names and Item IDs for items currently posted by the player
  • /rmarket [Item ID] removes an item from the market.
    • for example, /rmarket 60075

Marketplace Layout
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