Known Issues

Look below for a table of known issues that the Wiki team is aware of and will get to, eventually.

Section(s) Progress Author(s) Notes
Item Pages 95% Oops, Sunset, Sottler, Jeff, shadyman, BronzeV Few missing items
Item Sprites 95% Oops, Sottler Add new items
Item Tables Pages 95% Oops Add new items
Item Drop Rates Page 95% Oops Add new items
Item Sets Pages 95% Oops, BronzeV, shadyman Need better set names
Enemy Overview 90% Oops May be missing some enemies
Enemy Pages 75% Oops, BronzeV Many missing enemy pages and behaviors incomplete
Dungeons Overview 95% Oops Missing Turkey Time
Dungeons Pages 55% Oops Many missing dungeon pages and guides
Nexus Page 80% Hailtion, Creepsteam Missing some info
Arenas Page 70% Oops New arena map images need to be added
Marketplace Page 90% BronzeV, Oops Messy bottom half
Staff Page 90% Oops Mostly done, need to put up a "Staff Bio" page
Commands Page 95% Oops Mostly done
Ranking Page 99% Oops Done
FAQ Page 95% Winter, Oops Mostly done
Features Page 0% Not started
Pets Page 0% Not started
Character Stats Page 95% Oops May have missing or incorrect info
Fame Page 100% BronzeV, Oops Done
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