Unreleased Items

Though Nilly's Realm contains certain items that are unobtainable in Deca's game, some items unique to this server are earmarked for Staff use only. Staff may use these items as a means to stand out among players, for better or for worse. Some of these items were originally designed as prizes, or awards for work on the server, and were never intended to be placed into the game's loot tables. Though a few of items below have been given away or sold in the Marketplace from time to time, the average player will likely never obtain any of them. They are displayed here for the sake of completeness only. Should an item below be placed into the game's loot tables, it will likely be balanced for wider use first. Thus, no comparison tables are necessary.

For more information on each item shown below, click on the item name or sprite.

Unreleased Unholy Items

These items, created by Cyeclops, share a theme: all reference the forming of an undead Unholy Army and an ensuing battle. Some items in this category have been balanced and released, such as the Unholy Helm and the Staff of the Unholy Church. Some, however, have not, and are listed below.

yKKMRA7.png kshtKqx.png EaC7VAH.png
Unholy Cloak Unholy Prism Unholy Shield

Staff Sets

These item sets are designed specifically for Staff use. Most of the sets below have a special skin, making the Staff member stand out among other players.

Name Class Skin Designed For Components Overall Stat Bonus
The Holy Guardian Warrior zCvvxiw.png Sottler/MrSott djiAJTl.png WXVh3Ke.png
CNvicAN.png xo1Ep64.png
+80 HP
+80 MP
+8 ATT
+38 DEF
+14 DEX
+5 VIT
The Winter Queen Huntress 4HzMtQw.png Winter q5T8rZi.png RWtY27L.png
boERPLz.png iZHlWoh.png
+30 HP
+50 MP
+6 ATT
+16 DEF
+8 SPD
+12 DEX
The Grim Reaper Rogue 2LqWUup.png Cyeclops Y3BGpcT.png Z5COaaZ.png
TdAii0M.png nlNJPFh.png
+90 HP
+90 MP
+8 ATT
+20 DEF
+12 SPD
+16 DEX
+5 VIT
The Dark Knight Knight VviUT13.png Q TEjRuFe.png dyhOwDn.png
3O6rFFg.png AxJztg2.png
+155 HP
+95 MP
+4 ATT
+40 DEF
+11 DEX
+5 VIT
The Thorny Dragon Knight DOySTCy.png Moloch CDKWZkS.png NSXuGsk.png
4idbfgA.png mL6JHJ1.png
+240 HP
+50 MP
+4 ATT
+25 DEF
+9 DEX
+5 VIT

Other Unreleased Items

Some items are created for new game zones, jokes, gifts, tests, or who knows what else… These items are listed below.

EUIncTL.png NL8UtnE.png 39Ow8dT.png k5NyNzj.png oie_transparent_4.png y7jWiU3.png
Vorpal Sword Wild Shadow Gun Dark Helm Darkness Santa's Hat Effusion of XMas

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