Traps are used by Huntresses to cripple one or more enemies in a small area. Traps are thrown and take 1.5 seconds to land and activate. Traps are triggered by enemies only. Traps last 20 seconds, and expire if not triggered. Traps have a trigger range half of their explosion radius.

All Traps unique to Nilly's Realm are below, including those that are part of sets.

Click on the Trap's name or sprite for additional information.

Name Sprite MP Cost Radius Damage Effect(s) Stat Bonus Fame Bonus
Key of Rage Q69gGXN.png 135 5 tiles 100 Curse target(s) for 4 seconds
Berserk to self for 2 seconds
Bleeding to self for 3 seconds
+2 ATT
-2 DEF
+2 DEX
+2 WIS

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