Tomes are used by Priests to instantly restore health to themselves and nearby players. Some tomes bestow additional effects, such as Healing, to the Priest and, in some cases, to nearby players.

A Priest's wisdom stat may boost some effects of a Tome. As such, some stats below will be followed by other stats in parentheses ( ), reflecting Tome stats when the Priest has 75 Wisdom.

All Tomes unique to Nilly's Realm are shown below, including those that are part of sets.

Click on the Tome's name or sprite for additional information on the buffs it provides, and how Wisdom modifies these effects.

Name Sprite MP Cost Party Heal Range of Heal Effect(s) to Group Stat Bonus Fame Bonus Other Notes
Unholy Tome GMqUHU6.png 125 300 (450) HP 7 (10.5) tiles Removes Negative Conditions
(range: 4 tiles)
+6 VIT
+6 WIS
6% Re-skin of the Tome of Purification

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