The Unlucky Leprechaun

Set for: Paladin
"Oh, no! They're after me lucky charms!"

Name Sprite Source(s) Drop Rate(s)
Shalaylee QEoocg8.png Lucky Ent God 0.01
The Four-Leaf Seal item:the-four-leaf-seal" Lucky Djinn 0.01
Unlucky Leprechaun's Coat Kzei2ZC.png Lucky Ent God 0.01
Unlucky Leprechaun's Hat LOlxVoI.png Lucky Djinn 0.01

Full Set Stat Bonus: +5 LUCK
Overall Stat Bonus: +28 DEF, +4 SPD, +11 DEX, +7 WIS, +15 LUCK

"Is this set useful?"
The Unlucky Leprechaun is a unique set, as it proves the user with the blessing of LUCK rather than superior stats. Even so, the stats this set provides aren't anything to laugh at, which is a bit surprising due to the fact that the set inherently makes droprates better for its user. Paladins equipped with this set lack any healing effects, as well as any vitality bonuses for recovering health faster, so it can be dangerous to use this set at times. Yet, due to the long range and armor piercing nature of the Shalaylee, players may not need to get as close as they normally would have to in order to do damage.

Although the Unlucky Leprechaun's Coat isn't great and the Four-Leaf Seal gives a speedy effect instead of healing, this set is worth using as a whole, especially considering the extra drops you'll be getting with it.

"Cool! Which items could I use from this set by themselves?"
The Shalaylee is basically an upgrade to the Crystal Sword, offering a luck bonus, higher range, and attacks that ignore the enemy's defense with slightly lower damage then the other. Additionally, it has a higher fame bonus, so should the user suddenly die with it equipped, they can reap a cool 6% extra total fame.

The Four-Leaf Seal is great for getting around the Realm quickly due to its speed effects, but its cooldown is rather lengthy, making the seal's usefulness rather limited. It's still a great seal to use off and on, and some players may prefer to equip it frequently due to its +4 luck bonus.

The Unlucky Leprechaun's Hat provides great stat bonuses to three different stats, as well as giving the wearer +2 luck on top. This makes it one of the best accessories in the game, perhaps even a choice over the infamous Pizza Ring if the user prefers droprates.

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