The Infected Prisoner

Set for: Rogue

Name Sprite Source(s) Drop Rate(s)
Bent Dagger GDxoeWr.png Yellow Giant Egg Sac 0.015
Cloak of the Asylum Ls5HDig.png Asylum Statue 0.015
Infected Armor yFadhsc.png Septavius the Ghost God 0.015
Constricting Collar BA6W3Fv.png Lord Ruthven 0.015

Full Set Stat Bonus: None
Overall Stat Bonus: +30 MP, +2 ATT, +27 DEF, +7 DEX, -4 VIT, +2 WIS

Is this set useful?
Perhaps one of the few Nilly's Realm sets that work best when fully complete, the Infected Prisoner has drawbacks that different parts of the set compensate for. The lowered vitality from the Infected Armor is offset by the healing effects of the Cloak of the Asylum, meaning the Rogue can simply cloak themselves to heal off any wounds they receive and not have to rely on vitality to do so. The Bent Dagger, while not as strong as other daggers in the game such as the Dagger of Invisible Pain or the Bloodbath Dagger, it still has the unique property of being able to hit through both multiple enemies and obstacles in the way. Its high damage per single shot makes it viable for use against enemies with high defense as well.

The only item in the set that's relatively useless is the Constricting Collar. Its bonuses are pathetic at best, giving a measly 7 defense offset by a loss of speed and a tiny 2 attack. It would still be worth completing the set, however, as it works fairly well as a whole.

"Cool! Which items could I use from this set by themselves?"
The Bent Dagger is the ultimate secondary weapon for a dagger user, as its unique properties and high damage make it a great weapon for many different situations that a standard dagger wouldn't do very well in. Any dagger class worth their salt should carry one around with them for those grouped-up enemy clusters or bosses stuck on trees.

The Cloak of the Asylum has a rather high MP cost considering it's a cloak at 100 MP per use. It's very similar to the Cloak of Ghostly Concealment save for the extra 2.5-second healing effect it provides. It's up to the user whether they prefer having more uses on their cloak or a healing effect, so pick the Cloak of the Asylum if you prefer the latter.

Despite having the highest defense rating of any leather armor, the Infected Armor is only recommended for use on a Rogue equipped with the Cloak of the Asylum. The loss in vitality is a bigger blow than one might anticipate; due to the absence of healing pets in Nilly's Realm, vitality is much more important, and the slower your health regenerates, the more dangerous it becomes to take hits in the game. The rather tame stat bonuses it provides don't justify the extra 1 defense point much, either.

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