The Glacial Monarch

Set for: Necromancer
Themed on: Ice Cave
"Let's face it, we all know where the tear (in Esben's Garment) is."

Name Sprite Source(s) Drop Rate(s)
Staff of Esben Staff%20of%20Esben.png Esben the Unwilling 0.005
Skullish Remains of Esben Skullish%20Remains%20of%20Esben.png Esben the Unwilling 0.005
Torn Garment of Esben pP6GYwU.png Esben the Unwilling 0.005
Frozen Ring of Esben KCJEKLA.png Esben the Unwilling 0.005

Full Set Stat Bonus: +5 DEF, -10 SPD
Overall Stat Bonus: +200 MP, +21 ATT, +15 DEF, -10 SPD

"Is this set useful?"
For the most part, The Glacial Monarch is a decidedly mediocre set at best. The Staff of Esben has relatively low damage and a very specific sweet-spot unlike most tiered staves, yet it stays a useful secondary weapon with its ability to hit multiple enemies by being an effective crowd-control item. The Skullish Remains of Esben's slow effects are very nice as well (Albeit completely outclassed by the likes of the Skull of the Cubes), and the Torn Garment of Esben boasts a damage-per-second boost akin to the likes of the Hellfire Robe.

The Frozen Ring of Esben is perhaps the only decidedly useless part of the set; it gives a nice offensive bonus with +8 ATT and a huge boost of +100 MP, but it lacks any defensive bonus to compensate for the lower defense of the Torn Garment of Esben.

As a result, the Esben Set is rather risky to use completely, especially due to the Staff of Esben's low damage and hard-to-aim projectiles when shooting at a single enemy. If a player would to use the set as a whole, it wouldn't be entirely advised.

"That's too bad. What items are recommended for use without completing the set?"
Much like the Power Driven set, there are a few items that would work well as secondary equips, except The Glacial Monarch set contains items of slightly greater usefulness in general. The Torn Garment of Esben is practically an opposite to the Hellfire Robe in every way, offering a huge MP boost and attack instead of dexterity in exchange for low defense.

The Skullish Remains of Esben may pale in strength to the Skull of the Cubes, but that doesn't make it bad, per se. It's actually still a solid item on its own, due to its ability to slow opponents.

The Frozen Ring of Esben is a nice item for classes like Knight that can make use of both a combination of ATT and MP without any boosts to defensive stats.

As for the Staff of Esben, it would be useful, but it for the most part is outclassed in usefulness by the Steel Shocker.

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