The Ent Man

Set for: Knight
"She was hungry! Well, how would you like to have someone come along and pick something off of you?"

Name Sprite Source(s) Drop Rate(s)
Ent Ancients Log 1BogvcE.png Ent Ancient 0.0017
Clump of Bark WHMj6oV.png Ent Ancient 0.0017
Corpse of an Ent Ancient ilZCAuR.png Ent Ancient 0.0017
Ripe Apple XGSqhpd.png Ent Ancient 0.0017

Full Set Stat Bonus: +10 HP ,+8 ATT, +1 DEF, +2 DEX, +6 VIT, +2 WIS
Overall Stat Bonus: +105 HP, +30 MP, +19 ATT, +33 DEF, -2 SPD, -4 DEX, +17 VIT, +14 WIS

"Is this set useful?"
Not really. This set, despite being very rare in general much like the items from the Guardian of the Dearly Departed Set, has many different things going for it that make the Knight much less effective than if it were to use other items available in the game. The shield is perhaps the most glaring flaw of the set, considering the fact that the shield, while it does have the ability to slow enemies, is only capable of dazing targets instead of flat-out stunning them. There are many ability items that slow enemies down, and although Daze is hardly a common effect in the game, Stun is so much more effective than Daze on account of stopping any sort of enemy attack completely rather than simply reducing the amount of shots the enemy fires. This shield is only useful in cases where the enemy is ether resistant of immune to the Stun effect, like the Shatters bosses or Oryx the Mad God 3. It works best as a swap-out item, and even then, it has very limited usefulness due to its lower damage and amount of shots while only compensating for this by giving marginal stat bonuses and slightly lower MP cost.

The weapon, while it is around the same in terms of usage and balance as the Ancient Stone Sword, it isn't quite as strong as many would like to hope. While it is not nearly as hard on its user as it used to be pre-buff, it's still only a slightly stronger version of the aforementioned Ancient Stone Sword, of which isn't ideal for use as a main weapon in the first place.

The Ring is outright useless, with its strongest bonus being in Wisdom, a stat that the Knight could get more of from the Geb's Ring of Wisdom, an item that not only gives a whopping 10 WIS bonus but also gives bonuses to HP, MP, and VIT. All in all, you're definitely better off picking better items in every single item slot for your Knight and ignoring this set entirely.

"That's too bad. What items are recommended for use without completing the set?"
One is the Armor, the Corpse of an Ent Ancient. Despite its horrible name, it's a mix between the Candy-Coated Armor and the Captain America Armor. Don't even consider using it on a Knight, but it has potential when used on a Warrior due to its penalties in Speed and Dexterity being mitigated by the Helmet's boosts. Since it provides the same defense boost as a suit of Abyssal Armor and gives nice bonuses to HP and Vitality, it gives the Warrior some nice defensive bonuses while not bogging down its Defense or Dexterity as much as the first two armors mentioned.

It is a bit rare, but it's still decidedly more useful than the second item here, the Ent Ancients Log.

This weapon is nearly a variant of the Ancient Stone Sword, a weapon that really didn't need a "variant" in the first place, considering its place as a swap-out weapon and relatively slow fire-rate. While this weapon gives you a stronger shot, it has lower range (around the same as a tiered sword's range) as well as a slower rate of fire. In order to make this weapon better than the Ancient Stone Sword, you'll have to make sure all the shots hit from the Ent Ancients Log, which is easier said than done with the slower shot speed.

This custom set currently has the highest set completion bonus in Nilly's Realm, with bonuses to six different stats.

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