The Backup Doorwarden

Set for: Huntress
"Sorcery! Brutality! I will not falter!"

Name Sprite Source(s) Drop Rate(s)
Bow of Janus Rage LlEbI5c.png Janus the Doorwarden 0.01
Key of Rage Q69gGXN.png Janus the Doorwarden 0.01
Warden Armor V8qjkED.png Janus the Doorwarden 0.01
Eye of Janus zWojJno.png Janus the Doorwarden 0.01

Full Set Stat Bonus: None
Overall Stat Bonus: +75 MP, +7 ATT, +7 DEF, +7 DEX, +5 VIT, +12 WIS

"Is this set useful?"
Don't even ask. The Backup Doorwarden isn't even worth looking at. Every single part of this set is either outclassed in usefulness, outclassed in stats, or not worth using at all in the first place, so completing the entire set is pointless. The Bow of Janus' Rage may have the highest damage per second value than any other bow, but its low rate of fire, lack of piercing, and rather difficult-to-manage spread make it not only hard to land maximum damage with it but also ineffective against most enemies the Huntress would otherwise excel at fighting. The Key of Rage gives you a bleeding effect upon using the ability rather than hitting with it, nullifying the Healing status effect others may be able to give through Tomes and Seals and at all other times sapping the user's health; not the best thing for a class like Huntress. Although you also receive a Berserk effect upon use, the Key of Rage isn't worth it as a whole, especially if you miss with the trap itself. The Warden Armor is mostly an inferior version of the Harlequin Armor, save for the small vitality bonus it provides on top of 1 extra point of defense.

Perhaps the most offending part of the set is the Eye of Janus. It passes the boundary of being a useless item and actually works completely against the set, reducing the Huntress' defense even more than the other items in the set and giving attack bonuses that no other item in The Backup Doorwarden gives. Additionally, it nullifies any speed bonus that the Warden Armor would have provided.

Low health, low defense, and absolutely horrible, DON'T USE THIS SET.

However, all of the items in this set have a 6% fame bonus, so this set may be useful for a suicide on a huntress.

"Wow, that bad, huh? …Is there anything worth using outside of the set?"

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