Spells are used by Wizards to inflict great burst damage against single or multiple enemies.

All Spells unique to Nilly's Realm are shown below, including those that are part of sets.

Click on the Spell's name or sprite for additional information.

Name Sprite MP Cost Damage Shots Total Damage Range Speed Stat Bonus Fame Bonus Other Notes
Unholy Spell UoJWLt8.png 100 50-170 20 1000-3400 4.9 8 +20 HP
+20 MP
6% Steals 100 HP within 4 squares
Shots hit multiple targets
Hymn of the Sky trvdfGF.png 80 80-165 20 1600-3300 16 16 +2 VIT
+2 WIS
4% Re-skin of the Elemental Detonation Spell

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