Skulls are used by Necromancers to convert damage dealt to enemies into health for himself and nearby allies. The radius for this ability applies to both the damaging effect and healing effect. The ability is activated at the location of the cursor.

All skulls unique to Nilly's Realm are shown below, including those that are part of sets.

Click on the skull's name or sprite for additional information.

Name Sprite MP Cost HP Steal Radius Other Effects Stat Bonus Fame Bonus
Skull of the Cubes OJD7BYK.png 85 100 5 tiles Slows enemies for 4 seconds +5 DEX 4%
Queen's Head JvkTbAO.png 135 60 5 tiles Berserk to self for 5 seconds No Stat Bonuses 6%
Short Circuit JOxcuEa.png 100 0 3 tiles Paralyzes enemies for 3 seconds
Does no damage
+3 ATT
+2 DEF

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