Shepherd Of The Lava Ramparts

Set for: Paladin
"This monster cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon. While this card is in face-up Defense Position, this card can attack your opponent's Life Points directly. In that case, apply half the ATK of this card for damage calculation."

Name Sprite Source(s) Drop Rate(s)
Flaming Sword of Fury ABzOC9U.png Ghost Ship 0.005
Seal of Splashing Lava TGrewCQ.png Ghost Ship 0.005
Steel Armor of Magma 2E4LunN.png Ghost Ship 0.005
Ring of Boiling Lava EOyAl7U.png Ghost Ship 0.005

Full Set Stat Bonus: None
Overall Stat Bonus: +120 HP, -25 MP, +23 DEF, +9 SPD, +5 DEX, +9 VIT, +5 WIS

"Is this set useful?"
The Shepherd of the Lava Ramparts has many solid items in it. As a whole, though, this set is decidedly mediocre. The Flaming Sword of Fury is the most offending item of the entire set, giving a weaker damage output in favor of shooting 1/2 a tile further. However, both the Seal and Ring of the set give great bonuses to healing and defense, respectively. The Seal of Splashing Lava gives an armored effect to the user only, but that effect is very short; what is truly notable about the seal is that it bestows healing effects longer than any other seal in the game. However, the cost of 100 MP limit this seal's usage, as some may prefer the 90 MP of the T6 Seal instead to conserve MP. The Ring of Boiling Lava is a great protective ring and complements the set nicely especially due to the lower defense of the Steel Armor of Magma.

Although its damage is lackluster and the armor has seen a nerf recently, nobody would laugh at you if you were to use the full set.

"Cool! Which items could I use from this set by themselves?"
The Seal of Boiling Lava works well as a main seal, as it gives all the bonuses of a T6 seal on top of an armored effect. The only thing about it is that they for the most part don't last very long, except for the healing effect, making this seal, at best, useful for healing. As a secondary equip, though, it's a great item to keep around, especially if paired with the Captain America Seal (which is bereft of any healing effects whatsoever).

The Steel Armor of Magma gives the highest speed bonus in the game of any heavy armor. However, that seems to be its only selling point, as the other bonuses it provides aren't significant in the slightest. Considering it only gives 1 more defense point than the Resurrected Warrior's Armor, this armor isn't always the best item for use.

As stated earlier, the Ring of Boiling Lava is a great ring to use if the player is going for defensive bonuses. Its only penalty is a mostly unnoticeable drop of 25 MP, which is a tiny downside to all the extra health, defense, vitality, wisdom, and speed the ring gives. It's a great item to use with any class.

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