Standard Sets

These sets were the first to be introduced into the original game. Most sets below are simply four items tied together by a theme or location. No special skins or stat bonuses were given to these sets by Deca, and no special set designation is assigned to the items. As such, no existing Realmeye wiki page exists for these sets.

On Nilly's Realm, all of the sets below are available. Some have been modified to include a special skin, or other bonuses.

Special Themed Sets

These sets were originally introduced by Deca in an attempt to introduce the Alchemist as an income generator for their game. These items are different from other un-tiered items in two ways: the "ST" label (instead of "UT"), and the ability to trade them in the standard game. However, many set items below were not initially available as drops; instead, players were required to pay in real currency for a chance to win the items from the Alchemist. Since then, Deca has given some, but not all, of the items below a drop source in the standard game.

On Nilly's Realm, most of the sets below are available, with the exception of the Oryx Awesome set, which may become available in the near future.

Nilly's Realm Sets

These sets are exclusive to Nilly's Realm. Some are created by staff, some by community members. In some cases below, components from the standard game are mixed with custom-created items to create a full set.

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