Seals are used by Paladins to grant various buffs to the party, such as Healing, Damaging, and Max HP Increase. Some seals also grant an additional buff to the Paladin himself.

A Paladin's wisdom stat may boost some effects of a Seal. As such, some stats below will be followed by other stats in parentheses ( ) when the Paladin has 75 Wisdom.

All Seals unique to Nilly's Realm are shown below, including those that are part of sets.

Click on the Seal's name or sprite for additional information on the buffs it provides, and how Wisdom modifies these effects.

Name Sprite MP Cost Range Effect to Group Effect to Self Cooldown Stat Bonus Fame Bonus
Captain America Seal Ur6xQas.png 100 6 (9) tiles Damaging for 5 (7.5) sec
Armored for 3 (4.5) sec
No individual effects 6 sec +4 SPD
+6 DEF
The Four-Leaf Seal psytNUF.png 95 4 (6) tiles Damaging for 5 (7.5) sec Speedy for 4 sec 6 sec +4 LUCK 4%
Seal of Splashing Lava TGrewCQ.png 100 6 (9) tiles Healing for 5 (7.5) sec
Damaging for 3 (4.5) sec
Increase Max HP by 75 (112) for 3 (4.5) sec
Armored for 2 (3) sec 6 sec None 0%
Unholy Seal aKobhqv.png 120 5.3 tiles Increase Defense by 60(80) for 3(4.5) sec
Healing for 2.5(3.32) sec
Damaging for 3(4.5) sec
Invulnerable for 1.3(1.73) sec 5 sec +4 SPD
+4 DEF
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