Set for: Ninja
Themed on: Street Fighter and Fist of the North Star
"Hadoken! Hadoken! Hadoken! Hadoken! Hadoken! Hadoken! Hadoken! Hadoken! Hadoken! Hadoken! Hadoken! Hadoken!"

Name Sprite Source(s) Drop Rate(s)
Ansatsuken's Edge bQ8L2LL.png Belladonna 0.0025
Murderous Shuriken 5hQdnhm.png Dr. Terrible 0.0025
Banished Vest of Slaying uwrwUn5.png Shaitan the Advisor 0.005
Seal of the Creed 5zWm7XJ.png Skull Shrine 0.0025

Full Set Stat Bonus: None
Overall Stat Bonus: +60 HP, +20 DEF, 10 SPD, +11 DEX

Is this set useful?
Despite being built off of spam-riddled players from fighting games, Satsujinken is a solid set to use. The Ansatsuken's Edge has the highest damage per second of any katana in the game (although it doesn't pierce enemies), even higher than the Doku No Ken, which is considered by many as a requirement to play Ninja. The Murderous Shuriken is a very similar item to the T6 Ninja Star, but it costs 40 less MP per throw (60 MP rather than 100 MP), making it a direct upgrade. While its armor and ring don't provide the best defensive bonuses to the Ninja using it (As getting close with defense as low as a Ninja's is very risky to begin with), it provides substantial bonuses to give the Ninja a nice overall speed and damage boost that compliment the weapon and ability items well.

On top of the skin changing your looks when fully complete, Satsujinken is a great set to use.

"Cool! Which items could I use from this set by themselves?"
As implied from earlier, both Ansatsuken's Edge and the Murderous Shuriken are great, whether used on the set or off. Although the Ansatsuken's Edge doesn't pierce enemies that it hits like most other Katanas, its high damage makes it essential for fighting bosses or high-defense monsters.

The Murderous Shuriken is basically a better Doom Circle, so it is often used by Ninjas that don't have a Midnight Star or prefer not to use one.

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