Power Driven
Set for: Necromancer
Themed on: Mad Lab
Name Sprite Source(s) Drop Rate(s)
Steel Shocker FChHlXd.png Dr. Terrible 0.003
Short Circuit JOxcuEa.png Dr. Terrible 0.003
Iron Protection hbJ7mYp.png Dr. Terrible 0.005
The Reactor 0PV6mfz.png Dr. Terrible 0.005

Full Set Stat Bonus: +3 ATT, +3 DEX
Overall Stat Bonus: +110 HP, +120 MP, +14 ATT, +18 DEF, -4 SPD, +6 DEX, +6 VIT, +11 WIS

"Is this set useful?"
The Power Driven Necromancer set is one of the worst complete sets in the game. Although it doesn't quite stoop to the levels that The Backup Doorwarden or The Flaming Trickster go to, it still has many pieces of equipment that limit the options of the Necromancer equipped with them. As a main weapon, the Steel Shocker is a very ineffective staff. It has a smaller spread, meaning it hits less enemies on top of having the same range as the Staff of the Unholy Church. This weapon's usefulness lies in its ability to pass through both multiple enemies and obstacles, which isn't always needed.

Much like the Steel Shocker, the Short Circuit works well as a secondary equip item, but not as a main ability item, as it does not take health from its enemies. While its paralyze effect is good, the Necromancer's low vitality (Even with the full Power Driven Set, the Necromancer only has a total of 36 VIT when maxed) isn't enough to justify the loss of health drain.

With The Reactor being the only item ideal for regular use, this set is definitely one of the weakest of them all and definitely shouldn't be used as a whole.

"That's too bad. What items are recommended for use without completing the set?"
As stated above, both the Steel Shocker and the Short Circuit are great, if not amazing items when used for certain situations. The Reactor is also a great defensive ring, offering very powerful bonuses dedicated to survival for a measly -4 speed penalty.

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