Orbs are used by Mystics to put enemies in a target area into Stasis. Most orbs also inflict Curse within a wider target area.

A Mystic’s wisdom stat may affect Curse radius, Curse duration, and other effects, but never the Stasis radius (which is set at 3) or Stasis duration (varies per Orb). As such, some stats below will be followed by other stats in parentheses ( ), reflecting Orb stats when the Mystic has 75 Wisdom. See Orb descriptions for details.

Most bosses are immune to Stasis, though their minions tend to be vulnerable. After a Stasis wears off, the enemy gains Stasis-immunity for a short time, thus chain Stasis is not possible. There is no such immunity against Curse. Some creatures can be affected by Stasis and Curse even when they are otherwise invincible.

All orbs unique to Nilly's Realm are shown below, including those that are part of sets.

Click on the orb's name or sprite for additional information.

Name Sprite MP Cost Stasis Duration Curse Radius Curse Duration Effect to Self Stat Bonus Fame Bonus
Orb of Heavenly Sight iys4Uco.png 125 MP 5 seconds 5 (7.5) tiles 5 (7.5) seconds Damaging for 4 (6) seconds +25 MP
+5 WIS

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