Helms are used by Warriors to grant various effects to themselves and to fellow players, such as Berserk and Speedy. Different Helms grant different effects.

All Helms unique to Nilly's Realm are shown below, including those that are part of sets.

Click on the Helm's name or sprite for additional information on the buffs it provides, and how Wisdom modifies these effects.

Name Sprite MP Cost Range Effect to Group Effect to Self Cooldown Stat Bonus Fame Bonus
Helm of the Leader Barbarians 8nq4Wvm.png 80 4.5 tiles (Berserk)
6 tiles (Slowed)
Berserk for 5.5 sec
Slows enemies for 2 sec
No individual effects 5 sec +6 DEF
+20 HP
-3 SPD
The King's Crown BSsGoNT.png 85 6 tiles Healing for 4 sec Armored for 2 sec 5 sec +3 ATT
+6 DEF
+3 SPD
+3 WIS
Pizza Helm z2Gohqe.png 80 5 tiles Berserk for 5 sec
Armored for 3 sec
No individual effects 5 sec +8 DEF
+4 DEX
Sanic Head VWkNdTe.png 20 Effects self only No individual effects Speedy for 10 sec 5 sec -200 HP
-30 DEF
+40 SPD
Unholy Helm 3b1H3be.png 120 4 tiles Berserk for 6 sec
Speedy for 6 sec
Invulnerable for 1.5 sec
No individual effects 7 sec +10 DEF
+2 VIT
+2 WIS
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