Drop Rates

Item drop rates and sources are shown in the tables below. These tables should include nearly every desirable item found in the game (and even some undesirable ones). To find items sorted by who drops them, use the Who Drops What page.

When viewing the tables below, keep in mind that:

  • some items have no drop source in the game; these items are noted below as "no source"
  • some sources are not yet implemented in the game; these sources (and their item drop rates) have a line through them, like this
  • some drop rates have a "+" attached, meaning that the displayed value is a minimum for that dungeon or enemy set
  • drop rates are shown in decimal form
  • an item from the standard game may drop from a different source, or in a different bag type, than in Kabam's game. This has been noted below.




Ability Items




Rings & Accessories



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