Cloaks are worn by Rogues to turn themselves invisible to enemies.

All cloaks unique to Nilly's Realm are below, including those that are part of sets.

Click on the Cloak's name or sprite for additional information.

Name Sprite MP Cost Effect(s) Cooldown Stat Bonus Fame Bonus Notes
Cloak of the Asylum Ls5HDig.png 100 Invisible for 5.5 seconds
Healing for 2.5 seconds
6 seconds +5 SPD
+4 DEX
+2 VIT
+2 WIS
Kid Cape RLn6BxS.png 100 Invisible for 7 seconds
Sick for 3 seconds over 5 tiles
Invisible for 3 seconds over 5 tiles
6 seconds Doesn't give any Stat Bonuses 6% This item gives a
negative status effect
(Sick) to allies.

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