Vestment of the Hidden

Vestment of the Hidden: Where'd you go?

Tier: UT
Stat Bonus: +12 DEF, +30 HP, +50 MP, +5 VIT, +4 ATT
Fame Bonus: 4%

Drops from:
Skull Shrine at a rate of 0.0025 (0.25% or 1/400)

This item boasts seemingly random stat bonuses with a low defense value. +30 HP and +5 VIT really isn't a significant-enough bonus to justify the loss of defense, and the other two bonuses are entirely outclassed by other specialized armors such as the Harlequin Armor or even a top-tiered armor. It's important if the user wishes to complete the set, but otherwise, this armor isn't worth equipping on its own.

This item is part of a set: Leto, the Hidden One

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