Unholy Quiver

Unholy Quiver: Hordes of unholy archers came in the thousands, destroying all from a distance with poisoned arrows

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 120
Damage: 375-425
Range: 15
Projectile Speed: 15
Effect: Paralyze for 7 seconds, Curse for 7 seconds
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Stat Bonus: +5 ATT, +2 WIS
Fame Bonus: 6%

Drops from:

This item's stats are NOT accurate when viewed in game.

The Unholy Quiver currently drops from the Ruin Island Chest at a rate of 0.0025 (0.25% or 1/400)

This weapon was sold in the Marketplace by nilly in August 2015 for 200,000 fame.
This weapon was intended to be an admin-only item.

This quiver was an extremely exclusive item (Only one existed in the game before the October 1st Database Wipe, and it was owned by shadyman). Originally, the weapon had very lackluster stats, as it only paralyzed for 5 seconds and cursed for 4.5 seconds. It had the same cooldown as the Quiver of Thunder, so it was impossible to chain-paralyze like a T5/T6 quiver, and its 120 MP cost was punishing to players who missed the shot. However, after a suggestion made by the aforementioned owner, the quiver received a buff to a 7-second paralyze and 7-second curse. This gave it the ability to permanently paralyze targets, as the cooldown was untouched at 6 seconds. Additionally, an extra +2 Wisdom was added to the stat bonuses, and the damage of the quiver shot was buffed slightly.

This transformed the quiver into a risky but rewarding version of the T6 quiver, as the player received the longest paralysis effect in the game as well as a damage boost in Curse if they managed to land their quiver shot. However, should they miss, the player would not only have wasted 120 MP but would also be forced to wait 6 seconds to fire another shot from any quiver.

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