Unholy Prism

Unholy Prism: Tricky situations called for tricky maneuvers when the Unholy battle begun, untrained enemy were quickly put to death.

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 95
Decoy Duration: 5 seconds
Effect: Invisible for 5 seconds, creates 2 decoys
Cooldown: None
Stat Bonus: +4 ATT, +4 SPD, +40 HP
Fame Bonus: 6%

Drops from:

Perhaps the only limited Unholy item that wasn't released in the Marketplace by nilly before the October 1, 2015 wipe, the Unholy Prism was almost identical to that of the Prism of Dancing Swords in both effects and stat bonuses. However, it had two differences, the first being its 4% Fame Bonus instead of the 6% Fame Bonus seen on the Prism of Dancing Swords and the second one being the Invisibility effect stacked on top of the double decoy. Seeing that the prism lacked any sort of teleportation ability, it was likely highly ineffective to use for its bonuses, as the decoys drew fire that the invisibility tried to prevent.

This item was intended to be an admin-only item.

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