Unholy Cloak

Unholy Cloak: Skilled and deadly rogue thiefs, would be sent to infiltrate enemy headquarters and recover information on planned attacks, these unholy cloaks served well in these times.

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 120
Effect: Invisible for 6 seconds, Speedy for 2 seconds
Cooldown: 7 seconds
Stat Bonus: +6 SPD, +6 DEX
Fame Bonus: 6%

Drops from:

This cloak was an extremely exclusive item (Only one existed in the game before the October 1st Database Wipe, and it was owned by shadyman and for a brief time by Oops). It had very similar effects to the Cloak of the Planewalker, as it had both a teleportation effect and invisibility. However, the Unholy Cloak also possessed a 2 second Speedy effect also seen on the Ghastly Drape, allowing the Rogue to move two seconds faster after teleporting, and the cloaking time was increased by 0.5 seconds. Additionally, it provided extra dexterity and speed bonuses, 6 to each, while the Cloak of the Planewalker only had +5 SPD and +4 DEX bonuses. The downside of using this cloak came in its heavier MP cost, 120, which was very close to half of the Rogue's normal MP bar when maxed.

Currently, there are no Unholy Cloaks in the game, and there are no plans to add more Unholy Cloaks to the game any time soon.

This weapon was sold in the Marketplace by nilly in August 2015 for 17,500 fame.
This weapon was intended to be an admin-only item.

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