The Four-Leaf Seal

The Four-Leaf Seal: They're after me lucky charms!

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 95
Range: $(\mathsf{4 + \frac{2 \times WIS}{75}})$ tiles if WIS $\geq$ 30, otherwise 4 tiles
Effect to Group: Damaging for $(\mathsf{5 + \frac{WIS}{30}})$ seconds if WIS $\geq$ 30, otherwise 5 seconds
Effect to Self: Speedy for 4 seconds
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Stat Bonus: +4 LUCK
Fame Bonus: 4%

Drops from:
Lucky Djinn at a rate of 0.01 (1% or 1/100)

This item is part of a set: The Unlucky Leprechaun

This item's stats are NOT accurate when viewed in game.

Previously, the Four-Leaf Seal gave a 10-second damaging effect, as well as only a 2 second speedy effect. This was offset by the seal's lengthy cooldown, forcing the Paladin using it to go without being able to use his ability for nearly 11 seconds. The seal has since then been changed, with its damaging effects drastically reduced as well as being given a slight speedy duration increase.

The speedy effects in conjunction with the Paladin's 55 speed cap allow the player to move quite quickly, but the cooldown limits this seal's usefulness. However, due to the luck bonus it grants, this drop in versatility is somewhat justified.

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