Staff of the Great Climbing

Staff of the Great Climbing: This staff is dusty… It may contain an ancient power…

Tier: UT
Shots: 2
Damage: 50-80
Range: 8.6
Rate of Fire: 100%
Effect: Shots Ignore Defense Of Target
Stat Bonus: +10 HP +25 MP +2 DEF
Fame Bonus: 6%

Drops from:
Avatar of the Forgotten King at a rate of 0.008 (0.8% or 1/125)

The Staff of the Great Climbing is the only staff in the game that has the ability of fully ignoring enemies' defense, making it invaluable for certain dungeons like the Asylum of Chaos or The Shatters, as the enemies in these particular dungeons have very high defense and make any other staff's damage trivial, even the likes of the Staff of the Unholy Church.

This staff curves in a wider arc than other staves. This makes it so that the Staff of the Great Climbing may miss targets directly in front of it at certain ranges, much like the shots of the Sentient Staff but to a lesser degree.

This item is part of a set: The Battle Monk

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