Rabbit's Foot

Rabbits Foot: The rabbit is even later now…

Tier: UT
Stat Bonus: +10 LUCK
Fame Bonus: 6%

Drops from:
Queen of Hearts at a rate of 0.06 (6% or ~1/17)

The Rabbit's Foot is one of two accessories that boost the user's Luck, the other being the Unlucky Leprechaun's Hat. Previously, this item was marked as a skull to be used by Necromancers. It was the only item that gave the status effect "MPBoost", which presumably restored the MP of all that were affected by it. The Rabbit's Foot gave players that were within 10 squares of the Necromancer using it MPBoost for a whopping 10 seconds, but cost 150 MP. Since it was an ability and that was all it did, this item was relatively useless to the player equipped with it as the only way to use MP was to use your ability.

It has since become a luck-boosting accessory that provides better drops to the user, and with a bonus of +10, this bonus is definitely noticeable.

Due to the Luck stat only slightly increasing drop-rates of items per point, however, the difference is only noticeable when collecting potions from enemies, and since the Rabbit's Foot gives no other bonuses, this item isn't very useful for general use.

Its 6% Fame Bonus might prove helpful for suicides, though.

This ring provides a rare boost to the Luck stat.

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