Orb of Heavenly Sight

Orb of Heavenly Sight: The eye of heaven beholds all sins, tremble to the might of the heavenly crystal!

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 125
Stasis Duration: 5 seconds
Curse Radius: $(\mathsf{5 + \frac{WIS}{30}})$ tiles if WIS $\geq$ 30, otherwise 5 tiles
Curse Duration: $(\mathsf{5 + \frac{WIS}{30}})$ seconds if WIS $\geq$ 30, otherwise 5 seconds
Effect to Self: Damaging for $(\mathsf{4 + \frac{2 \times WIS}{75}})$ seconds if WIS $\geq$ 30, otherwise 4 seconds
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Stat Bonus: +25 MP, +5 WIS
Fame Bonus: 5%

Drops from:
Bes at a rate of 0.01 (1% or 1/100)

This item is part of a set: The Heavenly Monk

This orb has a Stasis length identical to that of a Timelock Orb, but it boasts a damaging effect to the user that's, at its base amount, twice as long as the Orb of Conflict's effect (Though it lacks a Speedy effect). The Orb of Heavenly Sight also has a cooldown on its usage like the aforementioned Orb of Conflict, making it much less effective for controlling crowds than a normal tiered orb. In addition, its Curse's effect duration is 2 seconds shorter than that of the Planefetter Orb.

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