Old Boshy Gun

Boshy Gun: It was Boshy Time.
Tier: UT
Shots: 5
Damage: 500-700
Range: 16
Rate of Fire: 50%
Fame Bonus: 5%
Effect: Shots hit multiple enemies, shots pass through obstacles.

This item no longer drops from any enemy.

The "Old" Boshy Gun was both coveted and infamous for its extreme levels of DPS, range and its ridiculous 1/10000 drop rate. It would be up to the point where an enemy would already be defeated or severely damaged by this weapon before anyone could reach it.

After a very long time of squabbling and nilly questioning the community what they thought should happen, the new Boshy Gun finally came into open tables with a 140% RoF and only 1 shot. This did not remove all of the Boshy Guns that already existed, but rather prevented any further grasp of this weapon.

There was one that had been known in the possession of SilverDoe until their untimely death on June 25, 2017. There is uncertainty at this point if there are any other Boshy Guns with the old stats, although some rumored that they have been sitting on forgotten accounts.

This item IS tradable, therefore it CAN be traded or sold on the market.

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