Mega Blaster

Mega Blaster: A mechanical type of bow? A gun!?
Tier: UT
Shots: 2
Damage: 80-120
Range: 8
Rate of Fire: 100%
Effect: Shots hit multiple targets
Fame Bonus: 6%

Drops from:
Does not drop
Previously dropped from Mega Man at a rate of 0.0002 (0.02% or 1/5000)

This item is in many ways the Staff of the Unholy Church of Bow Classes, even more-so than the Curse of the Unholy Bow, the "Unholy" weapon for Bow classes. It has very similar damage and similar usage to the aforementioned staff, but it has slightly higher range and can hit multiple targets.

That being said, this weapon is way too hard to get for only this marginal damage bonus. It was removed from the Mega Man drop table due to the fact that the community did not want another overpowered bow. Due to a wipe you cannot see this item in game.

This item cannot be seen in game.

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