Kid Cape

Kid Cape: The Kid had an adventurous soul, but trying to fly with the cape was a doomed adventure to begin with.

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 100
Effect to Group: Invisible for 3 seconds within 5 squares, Sick for 3 seconds within 5 squares
Effect to Self: Invisible for 7 seconds
Fame Bonus: 6%
Drops from:
The Kid at a rate of about 0.000125 (0.014% or 1/8000)


This cloak is a very rare item, since it drops from The Kid at a very low rate. It boasts the longest cloak time of all cloaks at an amazing 7 seconds, a time even longer than the unreleased Unholy Cloak. This cloak effect comes at a price, however, as it places a Sick effect on the user for 3 of those 7 seconds. Its usage is almost opposite that of the Cloak of the Asylum, which provides a healing effect for 2.5 seconds instead for the same amount of MP.

Perhaps the most remarkable part of this cloak is its group effects. The Kid Cape is the only item that can bestow an invisibility effect upon allies nearby. However, this effect only lasts 3 seconds, the same amount of time as the Sick effect. This may or may not prove to be useful to allies in some situations.

Don't expect to be seeing a lot of these in the game, however, as it's insanely rare (almost as rare as the fabled Boshy Gun).

This cloak boasts no stat bonuses.
Because of its rarity, this cloak is almost never seen in-game.
This cloak is Soulbound and therefore impossible to trade or sell on the market.

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