Infected Armor

Infected Armor: Sure, you're fine now, but…

Tier: UT
Stat Bonus: +20 DEF, +30 MP, +3 DEX, -6 VIT
Fame Bonus: 4%

Drops from:
Septavius the Ghost God at a rate of 0.015 (1.5% or ~1/67)

The Infected Armor has the highest defense rating of all leather armors at +20 DEF, without suffering any damage loss like the Candy-Coated Armor. However, the wearer suffers a hefty vitality penalty at -6. Due to the fact that functional pets don't appear in Nilly's Realm, the Infected Armor's vitality penalty is a humongous blow to the character's survivability, that in which a +30 MP bonus or an extra defense point compared to Leviathan Armor doesn't justify. It's not a good idea to use this armor, unless you aim to complete the item set.

Additionally, due to its commonness, this item is particularly despised by players who were hoping for a Doom Bow from Septavius the Ghost God.

This item is part of a set: The Infected Prisoner

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