Heavenly Hammer

Heavenly Hammer: A hammer forged by the gods; one swing is able to banish any evil it encounters.

Tier: UT
Shots: 1
Damage: 200-300
Range: 4.4
Rate of Fire: 40%
Effect: Shots hit multiple targets
Fame Bonus: 6%

Drops from:
Belladonna at a rate of 0.00125 (0.125% or 1/800)

This sword has shots that return to the player. Returning shots cannot hit the same enemy twice.

The effective range is 4.4, but the in-game description incorrectly lists it as 8.8 due to the returning nature of the sword's shots.

This weapon's boomeranging nature make it much more likely to hit targets, as the weapon can still strike enemies on the return trip. However, the weapon's relatively low damage per second (considering its only slightly higher damage compared to the likes of the Sword of Acclaim and very drastic reduction in attack speed) is a huge drawback. Still, the War Hammer makes for a solid secondary weapon to a T12-14 sword or the Pixie-Enchanted Sword.

This item is a Re-Skin of the War Hammer

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