Guardian Sword

Guardian Sword: Sword of Light, once wielded by the Archangel Michael, was forged for war with the Devil and his demons. Now, you must carry on his work.

Tier: UT
Shots: 2
Damage: 160-200
Range: 4.7
Rate of Fire: 100%
Effect: Shots hit multiple targets, ignores defense of target
Fame Bonus: 6%

Drops from:

This sword was an extremely exclusive item (Only one existed in the game before the October 1st Database Wipe, and it was owned by Gherkins (No link available) until his untimely death the very same day he acquired it)(another one is still on the market as of September 2016 and has not been bought currently). Each shot it fired was a little less than that of a Ravenheart Sword's, but it fired two shots instead of one. The sword was extremely powerful, as it hit multiple targets on top of being capable of ignoring enemy defense. The shots also fired very close together, making hitting with both shots very easy.

Currently, there are no Guardian Swords in the game, and there are no plans to add more Guardian Swords to the game any time soon.

Part of a set: The Holy Guardian
Intended for Staff use.
This weapon was sold in the Marketplace by nilly in July 2015 for 40,000 fame.
There happened to be another Guardian Sword for 1,000,000 fame on the marketplace from September 2016 where it was bought by Azatoth using alzip's account on October 26, 2016.

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