Gladius of Hell's Forge

Gladius of Hell's Forge: A legendary weapon, used by the Archdemon Malphas in his long forgotten raids against the realm.

Tier UT
Shots: 2
Damage: 150-160
Range: 3.5
Rate of Fire: 90%
Fame Bonus: 5%

Drops From:
Abyss Idol at a rate of .003(1/333)

This sword has a very strange shot pattern (shown below) that makes it's shots hard to hit. Even if you hit both shots, a Demon Blade has more damage output than this sword. However, this sword could be something to show off, since Abysses on Nilly's Realm are rarely done.

The shots strangely represent the Greek character, omega (Ω), in which it means "final" or "end".
This weapon is Soulbound and therefore impossible to trade or sell on the market.

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