Gauntlet of Mayhem

Gauntlet of Mayhem: Venimus ut vinceret…

Tier: UT
Stat Bonus: +130 HP, +6 DEF, -6 DEX, +6 VIT
Fame Bonus: 4%

Drops from:
Red Stone Guardian at a rate of 0.005 (0.5% or 1/200)

This item is basically the defensive counterpart to the Gauntlet of Chaos, which makes sense as both the Gauntlet of Mayhem and Gauntlet of Chaos drop from the Stone Guardians.

An item with defense truly in mind, the Gauntlet of Mayhem is large and in charge in this category, boasting a staggering +130 HP bonus on top of a respectable +6 DEF and +6 VIT. However, this commitment the glove has to defending its wearer comes at a damage price that isn't a laughing matter: -6 dexterity. Due to its defensive nature, however, it becomes an ideal choice for classes that already have very high damage and would like to find a defensive balance, such as the Wizard, Warrior, and maybe Archer and Huntress.

This item's description is in Latin, and it roughly translates to "We will conquer…"

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