Frozen Ring of Esben

Frozen Ring of Esben: When you put it on, it freezes you. You feel like you will never be warm again.

Tier: UT
Stat Bonus: +8 ATT, +100 MP, -5 SPD
Fame Bonus: 4%

Drops from:
Esben the Unwiling at a rate of 0.005 (0.5% or 1/200)

Many players view the Frozen Ring of Esben as an upgraded version of the Ring of Exalted Attack, considering the +100 MP bonus does way more than justify the loss of 5 speed. That being said, the Frozen Ring of Esben is still only that: an upgraded Ring of Exalted Attack, meaning its overall usefulness in comparison to other UT rings rather limited.

Unless the player intends to make use of the extra 100 MP (such as on a Knight - that means you get an extra stun!), they might as well opt for the Pizza Ring instead. That being said, this ring isn't actually that bad, and is rather useful for even players that aren't trying to complete a set.

This item is part of a set: The Glacial Monarch

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