Dagger of the Flaming Stinger

Dagger of the Flaming Stinger: Extremely sharp and incredibly hot. With such a little thing, you have to be careful.

Tier: UT
Shots: 1
Damage: 100-140
Range: 5.6
Rate of Fire: 100%
Effect: Ignores defense of target
Fame Bonus: 5%

Drops from:
Archdemon Malphas at a rate of 0.005 (0.5% or 1/200)

Although this dagger ignores the armor of its targets, both the Dagger of Invisible Pain and the Bent Dagger do more damage to enemies across all ranges of defense, as seen here. Although it may seem to be useful when paired with the Bloodbath Dagger (also listed in the above chart) as a swap-out weapon, the Dagger of Invisible Pain outclasses it in every single way as a swap-out. Therefore, it is much more recommended that you use one of those two daggers over the Dagger of the Flaming Stinger, unless you're trying to complete the Flaming Trickster set.

This item is part of a set: The Flaming Trickster

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