Constricting Collar

Constricting Collar: Every time you look directly at it, you hear the sound of chains.

Tier: UT
Stat Bonus: +2 ATT, +7 DEF, -5 SPD
Fame Bonus: 4%

Drops from:
Lord Ruthven at a rate of 0.015 (1.5% or ~1/67)

A rather common UT accessory, the Constricting Collar gives no substantial bonuses. As a matter of fact, the Pizza Ring completely outclasses this item, especially considering that the Constricting Collar gives a negative stat penalty of -5 SPD.

As you'd expect, unless you plan on using the item to complete the set, the Constricting Collar is virtually worthless.

This item is part of a set: The Infected Prisoner

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