Captain America Seal

Captain America Seal: The primary defensive and offensive piece of equipment used by Captain America

Tier: UT
MP Cost: 100
Range: $(\mathsf{6 + \frac{WIS}{25}})$ tiles if WIS $\geq$ 30, otherwise 6 tiles
Effect to Group:

  • Damaging for $(\mathsf{5 + \frac{WIS}{30}})$ seconds if WIS $\geq$ 30, otherwise 5 seconds
  • Armored for $(\mathsf{3 + \frac{WIS}{50}})$ seconds if WIS $\geq$ 30, otherwise 3 seconds

Cooldown: 6 seconds
Stat Bonus: +4 SPD, +6 DEF
Fame Bonus: 6%

Drops from:
Skull Shrine at a rate of 0.0025 (0.25% or 1/400)

This item is part of a set: Captain America

Unlike other seals, the Captain America Seal provides one of the best positive stat bonuses(it gives a defense and speed increase) to the player. However, it's effects are weak compared to other seals. It is recommended to have this seal equipped unless activating another spell.

This seal has the rare ability to provide an armored effect to a group, doubling their defense. However, this is also one of the few seals that does not provide any healing whatsoever.

Therefore, the Captain America Seal works very well when paired with a secondary seal to be used for healing. Very good candidates for this include a T5/T6 seal or the Seal of Splashing Lava.

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