Ansatsuken's Edge

Ansatsuken's Edge: A noob friendly weapon for those who suck at fighting games.

Tier: UT
Shots: 1
Damage: 200-240
Range: 4.2
Rate of Fire: 75%
Fame Bonus: 6%

Drops from:
Belladonna at a rate of 0.0025 (0.25% or 1/400)

This katana has the highest DPS of all the other katanas, however, its lack of piercing shots hinders its uses quite significantly, as piercing is something that Ninjas normally excel at in the first place. As a result, this weapon is only suitable for attacking single-handed mobs or bosses with a great amount of defense.

This weapon shouts "Hadoken!" in the style of Ryu from the Street Fighter games.

This item is part of a set: Satsujinken

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