Staff & Volunteers

Nilly's Realm is run by nilly and a small team of support staff. This team is responsible for maintaining the stability, integrity, and accessibility of the game.

With very limited exceptions, applications for staff positions or rank will be ignored. Do not bother asking.

Nilly's Realm would not be possible if not for the hard work put in by present staff members, past staff members, and many, many volunteers. Staff and volunteers on Nilly's Realm donate their time, and collect no pay for their work. They could be doing anything else with their free time, but choose to spend it improving the server and helping the community.

This page cannot possibly keep track of all of the contributors to Nilly's Realm. However, certain contributors who have gained notable Server Rank are listed below as volunteers.

Links point to each user's forum profile page.

Current Staff
  • Nilly - server owner, forum admin, lead developer
  • Knorrex - server owner, forum admin, developer
  • Cyeclops - forum moderator, developer, sprite artist (demoted for time being due to hacking incident)
  • Winter - admin
  • Sottler - admin, wiki editor, sprite artist
  • DrWhen - admin
  • BLOODQWEN - admin, sprite artist
  • Shadyman - admin
  • Wizardism game moderator, mapper
  • Milktea game moderator
Former Staff


Map Authors and Testers

Wiki Editors

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