There are three separate ranking mechanisms at play on Nilly's Realm:

  1. Stars (0-70), collected via completion of class quests, a feature carried over from Realm of the Mad God
  2. Server rank (-1-100), distinguishing Nilly's Realm Staff, certain Volunteers, and all donors from the general player base
  3. Admin status (green star), which denotes a member of the Staff of Nilly's Realm

In game, those with a server rank other than 0 will have their rank shown as a hybrid of stars-rank. For instance, when looking at a players tool-tip (to see their class, level, rank, hp/mp bars, and equipment) the rank will show with two numbers separated by a dash instead of one number. The starting number is their stars (given by completing class quests). The number following the dash is their server rank.

Staff are represented by having a green star, no matter how many class quest stars they have. Currently, all persons with a server rank 80 and above are members of the Staff of Nilly's Realm. Persons with server rank 90 and 100 have the title of developer and owner, respectively. See this page on the forums for a list, maintained by nilly, of persons with server rank. Persons with server rank 70 (or 69) are former Staff. Players with server rank 50 are Map Authors, Testers, and/or Wiki Editors. Persons with server rank 10 are Donors.

Any player with rank 1 or above has priority access to the servers("Rip Harambe", "Birbs" and "Marketplace" but not "dab like rachel") during peak times.

All Staff (and certain former Staff) have access to Commands that fit the role and responsibilities of the rank. These commands are not available to players. For more information on these commands, view that page.

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