About Nilly's Realm

Nilly's Realm is many things. First, and foremost, it's a game. But it is also many OTHER things:

  • It's a test-bed for experimentation… an on-going project.
  • It's a refreshing return to the old days of Realm of the Mad God.
  • It's a lively community of (mostly) intelligent people.
  • It's a service, provided for free, by a very generous person.

Nilly's Realm vs. Realm of the Mad God

Use this section to learn about all of the differences, major and trivial, between these two games.

History of Nilly's Realm


The Phoenix Source Era

July 2014
Much to everyone's good fortune, nilly decided one day to create a private server where he could test new client and server-side ideas and improvements to Realm of the Mad God. He based the server upon a source code for the game called Phoenix Source. The server became popular because nilly allowed anyone to become a "Spawner" (a now-deprecated server rank that allowed use of the /spawn command) for a short time if they won regularly-held events. Developers that went by the aliases C453 and Krazyshank joined nilly's dev team.

July - September 2014
The server was updated to Phoenix Source 1.9.3, and then a grave-looting updateAn old game mechanic brought over from Realm of the Mad God that allowed fellow players to loot the corpse of a fallen ally of the stuff that they died with. This function no longer exists in Realm of the Mad God or Nilly's Realm. was applied. Applications opened for Permanent Spawner rank, which was nilly's first attempt at recruiting staff. Among the first players to be recruited to this rank were Q, Winter, Devon, Madara, and Qwerty. Others were added as the weeks went on. The Spawner system, along with the new phpBB forums, allowed for the community to grow and develop.

The Transition Era

September 29, 2014
The server was taken down, and the source was changed to one called Creepylava. This source did not have a rank system, so Spawners were no longer viable. Individuals that continued to work towards developing and improving the server remained on as Staff, but many players no longer had any server rank. However, the new source and client contained a map-editor system usable by all, which attracted many map-makers.

October 1, 2014
The server was put back online, with the new Creepylava Source. Some other stuff happened here.Staff, and old players, we would appreciate more details here.

October - November 2014
Due to reasonsStaff, and old players, we would appreciate more details here., nilly decided to take a break from development. Fortunately, he left the server up and running during this time. However, the community started to dwindle, as other, more actively developed, servers became more attractive and popular. When nilly returned in early December, the server had only 10 or 15 players online at a given time. The holidays happened. Things slowed down. But development did not stop completely.

The Birth of Nilly's Source
December 2014 - January 2015
With the new year, and fresh new ideas, nilly recruited several new staff members, including Cyeclops, Varanus, and Winter. A lot of new content and improvements were added to the game at a rapid pace during this time, and the community once again began to grow. At this point, many community members developing private servers of their own began to look at Nilly's Realm as a model for a stable server. Staff began to use the term "Nilly's source" to describe the server source, due to all of the work that had been done on it thus far. New and old players alike began playing again. The community swelled up.

January 10, 2015
Due to an exploit allowing players to accumulate Fame too quickly, nilly decided to wipe accounts of Fame and Star Rank (Class Quests).

January 18, 2015
An item dupe was detected early enough by Staff. Some accounts were banned, but player accounts were not reset.

January 25, 2015
For the first time since the Phoenix Source Era, Nilly's Realm players ran into the server cap (at the time, it was set to 85 players online simultaneously).

February 2, 2015
The first Nilly's Realm Wiki was built on Wikia. It contained a description of Nilly's Realm and images of the new custom un-tiered items floating around the game.

The (First) Big Wipe
February 15 2015
The first major server wipe of the new year occurred. Due to a dupe that got out from under the control of Staff, nilly was forced to reset all account data. However, Star Rank (gotten from Class Quests) was not wiped, since Fame accumulation was not exploited. This led to a significant dip in server popularity for a short while.

Another Wipe
October 1st, 2015
Another wipe had occurred, in which mass duping was seen. An example was the Captain America Sword in which it had been duped heavily and placed up at the minimums of 1,000 fame. As a result, the database had to be wiped, deleting all characters, fame, and resetting the vaults to one chest, however, the stars and guilds stayed the same. Any character that was deleted actually was "killed" by a Langolier.

Before this wipe however, an accidental rollback occurred, causing frustration among many.

The Hacking of Tarlan
May 25th, 2016
A person who named himself Tarlan successfully hacked Nilly's Realm Founder Winter. Tarlan had access to Winter's account for around 2 days. Tarlan then proceeded to put admin items up on the market. One incident was Tarlan putting an Unholy Shield up on the market for 12,345 fame. The shield was then bought by a player named Charizard. The hacker also began selling the admin items to players via skype for around $10-$15. This all stopped when nilly rollbacked the server by 2 days, the length in which the server was affected. Tarlan was then banned on both forum and game for his actions.

Another hacking via. Tarlan
June 5th, 2016
The hacker, Tarlan, strikes again just like the incident on May 25, 2016, but this time on Cyeclops's account. Through this, he opened many Jeebs' Arena and Pandora, and within these dungeons he spawned many real versions of bosses such as Boshy and Sanic. However, as of what nilly has responded to this incident, no rollback has occurred due to the hacked account not given enough permissions to do enough damage.

Another Wipe
July 29, 2016
Another major wipe had occurred, wiping all fame, characters, character slots, and vault chests due to a duping method being exploited.

Mass new servers
September 2016 (unknown day)
Due to donors supporting the servers greatly, three servers were opened (dab like rachel, Birbs, Rip Harambe) and the marketplace became its own server. Because marketplace is its own server, /marketplace can only be used inside the marketplace server.

DrPeanut/DrWhen covers nilly
September 13, 2016
DrWhen has covered nilly for the time being to monitor the server. It is unknown where nilly may be.

"SwatSecJuan" Hackings
[Supposedly] October 9th, 2016
BLOODQWEN gets hacked by a guy named SwatSecJuan. Other servers closed down except for Marketplace, and Juan spawned and killed many players in the incident. Due to Nilly still being on his "Vacation", and him being the only one with the power to reset the server, things remain the same. However, the servers were restored, and the hacker has vanished.

The Death [?]
April 1th, 2017
Out of the blue, Nilly opens the server after months of inactivity. All four servers were restored to the normal state. Due to lack of passion, Nilly declared that the server will be shut down and the source code will be released for public use. Before releasing the source code, Nilly recruited a few temporary admins to test the server. The server was expected to shut down in the following weeks.

Nilly comes back
April 15th, 2017
Unexpectedly, Nilly releases a Patreon to support the costs of the server. If donations continue, it is likely that Nilly's Realm will remain online along side a public release.

The End
September 26th, 2017
A duping exploit forces Nilly to take down the server "for a few days". Since then, the game has been abandoned.

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