White Bag

White Bags are docile enemies masquerading as white loot bags. They ironically drop purple bags most of the time, containing tons of junk equipment when killed. These enemies are based on a pet concept from the early days of Realm of the Mad God. Notably, they are worth 2.5 times their HP in experience points when killed. These enemies are extremely rare, found in one location thus far: Pandora.


Hit Points: 800
Defense: 12
Experience Points on Kill: 2,000
Immunities: None


None. White Bags do not attack players.


Sits immobile and appears to be a white loot bag until approached. When approached, it runs away from the nearest player with a speed of ~7 tiles per second.

Loot Table
Bag Type Loot & Drop Rate
Loot%20Bag%203.png Weapon_T9.gif 1 Armor_T8.gif 1 Ability_T3.gif 1
Ring_T3.gif 1
Loot%20Bag%207.png A3Avb8T.gif 0.005 Crown.png 0.0025

The "White Bag" has a 1/100 chance to drop a White Bag containing an Admin Item. Of course, they don't have the power of the original Admin Items, these are just vanities. But that still doesn't stop people from killing them in hopes of getting one.

All Admin Items are Soulbound.

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