Turkey God

The Turkey God is the boss of the Turkey Time dungeon. It is found in the top-right corner of the map. It's unfortunately much weaker than its incarnation during the time of Nilly's Realm's Phoenix Source, and is considerably simpler and easier to fight than before. Unlike before, the Turkey God doesn't have the ability to spawn minions next to it, nor does it have multiple variants of turkey leg projectiles. It cannot inflict status ailments on targets, and only really poses a threat should someone accidentally find themselves on top of it.


Hit Points: 100,000
Defense: 0
Experience Points on Kill: 0
Immunities: None

Sprite Damage Effect Speed
GepPNUy.png 160 16.5 0.8


Upon being approached, the Turkey God will begin to rapidly flash red, and multiple taunts will appear. After the Turkey God says the line "Prepare to enjoy your dinner!", it attacks. Two different bullet patterns will start to fire, and the Turkey God will continuously run away from the player it is currently targeting. The first bullet pattern is a ring of 8 turkey leg projectiles that fire all at once around it, and it fires roughly every 3 seconds from the Turkey God's current position. The second bullet pattern is a 3-shot spread of turkey leg projectiles that fires directly at the player the Turkey God is currently targeting. This pattern fires twice as often as the ring pattern, and is synchronized to where it fires every other volley a fraction of a second after the turkey god fires its ring pattern.

When the Turkey God's health dips below 10,000 HP, it regains invulnerability for 8 seconds, then turns around and begins to chase the player that it's targeting. However, the Turkey God doesn't change or add anything to its bullet patterns, so it hardly qualifies as a "rage" phase.

Loot Table
Bag Type Loot & Drop Rate
Loot%20Bag%205.png Weapon_T10.gif ? Weapon_T11.gif ? Weapon_T12.gif ?
G5NJcdx.gif ? Armor_T11.gif ? Armor_T12.gif ?
Armor_T13.gif ? zpbkC5C.gif ?
Loot%20Bag%206.png Potion%20of%20Vitality.png 3 Potion%20of%20Defense.png ? Potion%20of%20Speed.png ?
Potion%20of%20Wisdom.png ? Potion%20of%20Dexterity.png ? Potion%20of%20Mana.png ?
Loot%20Bag%208.png qbYXJl5.png ?
  • A long time ago. Pilgrims ate their feast. (Upon encounter)
  • It's called Thanksgiving, for a reason. (After the previous taunt)
  • You give me food. (After the previous taunt)
  • You give me pain. (After the previous taunt)
  • Now I give you both. (After the previous taunt)
  • Prepare to enjoy your dinner! (After the previous taunt)
Tips and Strategies

The Turkey God is a very simple boss to defeat, which is a bit of a shame if you remember confronting it during the days of Phoenix Source. When the battle starts and the boss becomes vulnerable, you're going to have to chase the boss, as it runs away from you until you knock it down to 10,000 HP or less. If you're a melee class and it's a bit unsafe to chase the Turkey God, try to run at the turkey god at an angle rather than straight towards it. Doing this allows you to dodge its 3-turkey-leg volley very easily, and keeping track of the Turkey God's 8-shot ring is all that you'll need to do to beat this boss with no complications.

Do keep track of its health, though, as when it hits 10,000 HP, you'll be unable to damage it for about 8 seconds, and it'll start to chase you. This is really the only time this boss poses a threat to you, as if you continue to chase it when it hits this phase, you may find yourself on top of it when it fires its 8-shot ring, which will most likely result in instant death unless you boast both high defense and HP.

A good strategy to fight this boss with is to chase the boss into one of the many corners of the area you encounter it in. As it cannot continue to run away when it has its back pressed against a tree or wall, it won't move at all. This not only makes dodging its attacks all that simpler, it also makes it much less likely that you'll run over the boss when it reaches its rage phase (Though you will still have to run when that happens! You'll just have more time to react if you weren't paying attention).

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