Swamp Spirit

Swamp Spirit is the main boss of Swamp of Lost Souls, but is not found there at the moment, since that dungeon is not complete. At present, Swamp Spirit can be accessed only through Jeebs' Arena. Swamp Spirit has a ton of HP, but low Defense. He fires swamp-themed shots in a set pattern, creating a bullet-hell effect. During the final phase of the fight, he summons powerful minions to his aid.


Hit Points: 300,000
Defense: 10
Experience Points on Kill: 30,000
Immunities: Stun, Paralyze, Stasis

Sprite Damage Effect Speed
BellaLeaf.png 100 Bleeding for 3 seconds
Sick for 3 seconds
15 15 Hits Multiple Targets
Eucalyptus.png 175 Slowed for 5 seconds
Dazed for 2 seconds
7 21 Hits Multiple Targets


Swamp Spirit has two phases, but the second phase consists of two sub-phases that alternate until it is defeated.

Phase 1: The Swamp Spirit fires its darker, quicker leaf projectiles toward the nearest player in a relatively tight shotgun, and fires its brighter, slower leaf projectiles in a rotating nova. Its rate of fire for both projectiles is approximately 1 (?) per second. Once the Swamp Spirit drops below 150,000 (?) HP, it transitions into Phase 2.

Phase 2: The Swamp Spirit summons Slug Warriors to its aid every few (?) seconds, and alternates between sub-phases 2a and 2b every 10 (?) seconds.

Phase 2a: The Swamp Spirit fires its brighter green leaves in a very dense rotating nova, but with two gaps at either pole, similar to the Sphinx during its blinding yellow nova phase. Melee players can get shots in carefully by studying the nova pattern for gaps and diving in and out when appropriate. It will also fire its quick dark leaves in a much less dense nova pattern. No shots are aimed at players during this phase, but the density of leaves will create a bullet-hell effect.

Phase 2b: The Swamp Spirit fires its brighter green leaves in a clockwise (?) spiral pattern, similar to the Forgotten King's "Tentacles of Wrath" phase in the Shatters. It fires the darker leaves in a less dense nova, but their speed makes them hard to dodge. The spiral pattern of the brighter leaves alternates direction and rotates counter-clockwise (?) after 5 seconds.


Slug Warrior (image and enemy page coming soon)

Loot Table
Bag Type Loot & Drop Rate
Loot%20Bag%205.png Weapon_T11.gif 0.2 Weapon_T12.gif 0.03 Ring_T5.gif 0.2
Armor_T12.gif 0.2 Armor_T13.gif 0.03 Ability_T5.gif 0.3
Ability_T6.gif 0.03 mBaQkoc.png 0.005 W6b8o0I.png 0.005
Loot%20Bag%206.png Potion%20of%20Speed.png 0.2 Potion%20of%20Wisdom.png 0.25 Potion%20of%20Mana.png 0.1
Loot%20Bag%208.png JumvnGV.png 0.005 0CCQWUz.png 0.005
Tips and Strategies

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